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December 2014
- You can now go to a facility in Buffalo which has begun its first 2 IRB approved patient funded clinical studys. To learn more visit

We are pleased to announce the approval of our OCE grant to begin our Research with Brock University.

We are also pleased to announce that we have secured our office space and wet lab in the BioLinc facilities on the Brock campus. We will be located on the main floor of the new Cairn's building suite 210E and 210 F. We will keep you posted on our official grand opening of our office and lab

Looking forward to our continued collaboration with the Brock research and development teams here at Brock University.

Recently RegenaStem was featured in then news:

Recent Announcement in St. Catharines Standard - Sept 12, 2013

Collagenase is commonly used to prepare your stem cells for storage and future uses. This is a bacterial enzyme that destroys the extra cellular tissue structures.

RegenaStem's goal is to provide stems cells that have not been treated with any chemicals, toxins or enzymes.

If you plan to have stem cell therapy or store your stem cells for future use, be sure to ask if Collagenase is being used to process your stem cells

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