When we are young, there is a large quanity of adult stem cells present, resulting in tremendous regenerative capabilities with little inflammation.
As we age the quanity of adult stem cells reduces along with our ability to optimally respond to injury and inflammation.

It is also important to store your adipose tissue and stem cells when you are fit and healthy, and not ill or sick. If you wait till your are sick or ill then you may limit the uses and effectiveness of your cells for future insurance for your health.

In the beauty industry Autologous fat transfer is becoming increasingly preferred by patients looking for natural augmentation and correction procedures. 

Storing your adipose tissue for cosmetic enhancements provides you with many benefits not available during one-time fat grafting procedures.
You can now have one liposuction and simply visit your treating surgeon for multiple injections by using your stored tissue. When you and your surgeon decide on an available use, simply let us know and we will deliver your cryopreserved tissue to your treating physician for immediate use.

Current uses for your cells and stored tissueurre

Cosmetic and Augmentation Procedures

* Facial rejuvenation
* Lip augmentation
* Hand augmentation
* Breast augmentation (with or w/out implants)
* Buttock augmentation (with or w/out implants)
* Body asymmetry

Reconstructive Procedures

* Breast reconstruction / radiation damaged skin
* Trauma and wound care treatment

By storing your adipose tissue with RegenaStem you also have additional opportunities to process portions of your sample for future uses in Regenerative Medicine or personalized cosmetic products.

Why store my adult stem cells? 

At anytime your stored adipose tissue can be processed into a clinical adult stem cell sample for cellar treatments or therapies. There are over 100 potential application identified that can treated using adult stem cells globally. Below you will see what adult stem cells can self renew into.

The Potential Applications of your own adult stem cells

This illustration highlights just a few of the many diseases or applications currently being investigated using adult stem cells. For a full list of on-going clinical trials please visitwww.clinicaltrials.gov search term “adult
stem cells”


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