Our Commitment to Research

RegenaStem is dedicated to furthering the research and refining their protocols and technique to ensure safe isolation of adipose derived stem cells.


* Our company is based on the main floor of the new $111 million Brock University BioLinc facility. Unit 210E and F
* Through collaboration our basic science research will be conducted in the laboratories located at Brock University.

Current Studies and Future

1) Isolation of stem cells from lipoaspirates using a novel ultrasonic cavitation technique.
2) Ongoing research comparing the effectiveness of Ultrasonic Cavitation compared to Collagenase* in the preparation of viable adipose derived stem cells.
  *Collagenase is a toxic digestive enzyme used to destroy the extra cellular tissue releasing the stem cell population. Our goal is to develop a safe technique that does not require the use of any chemicals, toxins or enzymes in the preparation of our cell (stromal fraction).

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