Jason Kane - Chairman and President
Jason Kane, the Chairman and President of RegenaStem has over 15 years of executive business experience with multiple companies. At the young age of 21 he created and successfully launched the first online web directory in Hamilton called HamiltonWeb which was to become 701.com. Then launched Evolutionary Web Designs. A company developing strategic web models for brick and mortar businesses to allow them to succeed online which he owns and operates still to this day. For the past 2 years Jason Kane also maintained the position of President of MediVet Canada Inc. which is a stem cell solutions company offering a unique in-house stem cell procedure solutions to veterinarians across Canada. Mr. Kane pioneered the in-house stem cell technology making it a first in Canadian history. This exciting new way to address hip, knee and elbow dysplasia has had amazing proven results getting it recognition on local TV stations and News Papers from Ontario all the way to BC. Implementing the complete brand and all the designs and collaborated on the marketing material and sales initiatives here in Canada. Also responsible for all on-site training to the vets and their staff on how to perform this same day in-house stem cell procedure. Jason Kane was trained in the U.S.A. by some of the best veterinarians in the field and is considered an expert in delivering this type of stem cell therapy. Through his experience and witnessing the positive effects of adipose stem cell procedures in animals it naturally lead him to want to bring these treatments to the human side, which has Jason Kane leading the path into partnering with unique stem cell isolation techniques and products that he is bringing to Canada. His extensive background in business and marketing will assist in the rapid growth in the human cellular therapies here in Canada..

Nick Vaccaro - CEO
Dr. Nick Vaccaro graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1983 and has maintained a successful private practice in the Niagara Falls area for 28 years.  He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA) and an Active Release Therapy Provider.  Dr. Vaccaro has successfully developed numerous early stage companies that have brought product from conception to marketplace. He has worked extensively with the Canadian Intellectual Property Offices where he has secured a patent for the Restair Lounge which he designed, manufactured in Asia and sold in Wall Mart Stores and trademarks which include the World Hockey Association.  From 2003 to 2004, Dr. Vaccaro spearheaded the attempt to re-launch the World Hockey Association with International attention.  Dr. Vaccaro's past business endeavors have provided diverse experiences and knowledge and combined with his clinical back-ground have been the foundation for the creation of the Renaissance Wellness Suites.  This new paradigm in adult living that is set to begin construction on its first location in Niagara Falls in 2012 is patent pending and provides residents with multi-dimensional wellness and anti-aging programs combined with clinical documentation of outcomes. The addition of Cellular Regenerative Therapy to the Renaissance Wellness Suites will develop a universally beneficial health care model.

Joseph Trombetta - Independent Business Advisor (Previous CFO)
With over 20 years in the financial services industry, Joseph Trombetta is also President and founder of Titan Mortgage Group. His expertise in the commercial and residential mortgage sector has given Mr. Trombetta a keen awareness of the nature and complexity of the finance industry today. Given the challenges both corporations and individuals face in today’s economic environment, Mr. Trombetta will be a key asset in helping guide IntelliCell Biosciences of Canada to successfully navigate the murky financial waters of the global marketplace.

Sandeep (Sonny) Singh Kohli, MD FRCPC - Independent Medical Advisor
Dr. Sandeep Kohli currently holds the positions of “Chair of the Cardiac Arrest Committee” and “Medical Director of Advanced Cardiac Life Support” for 3 district hospitals (Oakville, Milton & Georgetown). At a provincial level, he also holds several other Medical Director positions for the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s ACLS, specifically at the Michener Institute in Toronto, and at St. Mary’s regional cardiac care Hospital in Kitchener. As a Physician dedicated to improving health care at a patient level, Dr. Kohli is Royal College certified in both Critical Care Medicine & Internal Medicine, and has practiced at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital since 2005. As an educator dedicated to improving health care based education, Dr. Kohli is an Assistant Clinical Professor (adjunct) of Medicine at McMaster University. In addition to experience in medical student admissions and testing, he supervises and tests resident physicians and fellows training in Internal Medicine & Critical Care.


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